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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Beautiful kind of order..Amazing Story!

I was conversing with one of my best friends over coffee yesterday. I told her some things that had happened to me recently that prove to that God is a God of order. When we commit to following His Ways, His Word, that beautiful instrucion manual of life, things will unfold and reveal amazing and miraculous things.

I want to share something that I consider to be quite amazing... Miraculous in the sense that the it reveals such order...God has a way of affirming things.. He is surpising.

The story:

The other day I was thinking about Communion and Baptism. These two topics were on my heart and mind all day long. I hadn't had communion in a while and I wanted to partake.
I was baptized years earlier but I had been though so much..that I was simply thinking about it.

That night, before I opened my Bible, I said a prayer..."Dear Lord, guide my fingertips. Direct me to whatever verse you would have me to read." This is uncustomary for me. I usually know where I am going to read...But that night I did something different.

So I let the Bible fall open. The very first verse that I laid eyes upon:

The verse in which John the Baptist is baptising Jesus in the Jordan River! My heart leapt. I this a coincidence?

My fingers randomly flipped to another blind spot...I didn't know where they would lead...I let God do the leading...

The very next verse that I laid eyes upon:

The verse about the Last Supper! Communion! I thought, this is surely something that God is trying to tell me.

But wait, it gets better...

A week later I am sitting in Church...I didn't mention my experience to anyone. Our pastor announces that he is going to be performing Baptisms! I haven't witnessed a baptism at our church in years. I haven't heard of any baptisms that were performed in at least the last 5 years.
Our church is very small and nearly everyone has been baptized. But on that Sunday, a week
after that Biblical revelation...lo and behold..a baptism at our church...

I had to work on the day of the baptism. I work shift work and my shift happened to fall on the Sunday that others were baptised. But, it played out where I was baptised on a very special day.......but first, I tell of my Communion.

I haven't had Communion in quite some time. We have communion at our church on the first Sunday of every month. As it happens, I work every first Sunday of the month......
A few nights ago, we celebrated a Passover meal at our Church. The first one ever. At this Passover Meal, we participated in Communion. I didn't even know. It was almost as if Jesus surprised me with it. It was beautiful to me because He was telling me that He wanted me to take communion and He provided with an unexpected opportunity. He is amazing!

I asked my pastor that night when I could be baptised. He told me that I could on Sunday, which just happened to fall on Ressurection Sunday.

This was Jesus way of telling me how much He loves me. A Communion at a Passover meal and a Baptism on Resurrection Sunday.

How beautiful. How perfect. How ordered.

He has a plan and it is perfect. We will find order when we commit to following His word.
Order. Even the chaos....will come together because we will begin to see how acts of love and obedience will bring everything together..He is the missing piece to the puzzle ..that will make everything fit in a right and perfect way.

At the very heart of this ordered plan is Love. Love unfolds itself to reveal layer upon layer of healing.

So often we look for order amist our chaos but find none. Often our hands are dipped in darkness. There is no order in the roots of sin. There will be no answers. No understanding. No coming together. The puzzle will be left undone..and its pieces scattered. Only when we look to the source of light, the Truth of God's Word, can we find this precious order to things.

Love has a name. Jesus. He was sent from a Father of Light. He is cloaked in perfection. Rooted in Love. He is giving me roots.

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