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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Faith Is...

A man was telling a story at our church recently.
The story involved a woman who had a growth, cancer on her face.
Every Sunday she would stand up in church and publicly thank Jesus for healing her of her cancer. Thank you Jesus, for healing my cancer, she would say.

Others would look at her like she was insane. She clearly still had the cancer on her face. It was something that could not be hidden. But every Sunday she would thank Him. For she believed.
She had faith.

One day she was looking in the mirror and she still saw the cancer on her face. Jesus, she said, I know that you have healed my cancer but when is this thing on my face going to go away.

She put her hand to her face, and the cancer, the growth came off in her hand.

The next Sunday she stood up in church and publicly thanked Jesus for healing her of her cancer. No one was really paying attention. They thought she was crazy. After church, several members noticed that the growth was gone. One inquired, what happened? Where is your cancer? She told him that it had been gone since she was diagnosed.

That is what faith is.

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