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Saturday, April 16, 2011

ho ho's for breakfast...dr. peppers for lunch...grease in between

I eat this combination of foods more often than I care to admit.
Countless mornings....I've expanded the HO HO empire.
Countless mornings...I've Doctored the Pepper...sprinkled it into my blood is probably a mixture of platelets and pure cane sugar...sucralose.

One day... I was fasting and I got the most intense migrane I have ever had. It was actually my very first migrane. It was horrendous. God Bless the people that get these beasts on a regular basis. My head pounded. I actually laid down on the floor for about 2 hours in a fetal postition because my stomach was too upset to move and my head was too hurting to care.

I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance.

That day I fasted from all beverages with the exception of water.
Firstly, I am a caffine fiend. I love my daily dose of java.
It is something I crave.

Well that day I could feel a slight caffine withdrawal headache beginning to form. It intensied.
Thus, the migraine.

As I was in the helpless state of migranediam ......I began to cry out, Jesus, please help me...

Jesus showed me something on that day. So often we put things in our bodies that harm us.
So often food companies...the large corporations...that package our foods, are run by people only in the business for the profit.

A lot of times..many companies don't care what we put in our bodies so long as they draw a paycheck. They don't care about what is good for us or healthy. They care about cost cutting.
It's all about the dollar.

So I was pondering all these things.....

Did it change my eating habits? Not really....maybe a did get me to thinking...that God wants us to be healthy. He created fruits and vegetables...things that that we could be essentially healthy. Even science proves that God's fresh grown food is better.
Look at the "superfoods" with all of thier healing properties and antioxidants.
Those aren't there by chance. They are there because God put them there for us to be healthy.
How many cancers and sickness could be prevented if we could learn to trust God down to even the foods we eat. But I know that diseases, like cancer, could come from so many different factors.

but if we all relied on a diet consisting less of ho ho's....and more of pomegranites, blueberries, and spinach...I think disease rates would decrease at an alarming rate. I know they would. Science even proves this fact. This is one instance that science proves the things of God are better.

So I've made a slightly more conscious effort to eat a wee bit healthier.
I haven't made it to the level of eating completely like I should...

I know that Jesus will love me regardless of what I eat. But I also know that He wants me,,,and be healthy.

Go get yourself a smoothie. Skip the Ho Hos today.

Check out this recipe for a peach smoothie.


  1. love the pic 'chelle! looking forward to trying that smoothie recipe, although I might sub for bananas or strawberries. Great post! :)