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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inventive and Extremely Crazy but Innovative ways to share a little Light...

Today I stopped by Subway on my way to work. The girl behind the counter looked a little sad. I could gently hear Jesus nudging me..."Do something nice for her." So after I got my sandwich...I turned around and saw this beautiful purple Bible on a display rack. Note: the subway was located inside of a Pilot store. It was a very pretty woman's Bible. So I bought the Bible and walked up to the girl and said, "I bought you something. Jesus asked me to do something nice for you." The girl was very touched. Her face lit up with a beautiful smile. That is the joy of giving. I am finding that giving is a beautiful thing. As a Christian, I am finding that the world no longer revolves around me and my needs and wants. There is a world out there that is hurting. People have been rejected, ridiculed, bullied, lied to so many times that people need a little love. Some rays of Light. There is always more that we can are a few ideas.... I have been following a have fallen in love with this family. They are living a life of giving and sacrifice. They are content. They are beautiful. The blog featured 40 random acts of kindness. Each day, Stephanie would venture out to do random acts of kindness for 40 days. Her blog for 40 days featured these beautiful acts. So I think I am going to do the same. I have been thinking of things to do lately and this blog inspired me to put my thoughts into action. Some things I may do.... buy someones coffee and tell them I am sharing the Light that Jesus gave me... Leave flowers on cars of random strangers along with a letter printed from Leave flower seed packets where random strangers can find them... in public places...along with a note..telling them that our lives are tiny seeds, but if we let God water us with His Love, then we will grow into something beautiful. Write letters to random people in prisons. I recently contacted a place called Open Door Ministries that desperately needs volunteers. They have a beautiful program called Mommy Reads. Mothers who haven't seen thier children in years read a book and record it for thier chilren. Open doors needs people to get the tapes into the hands of the little ones. They say that the children are so happy to get the recording from their mom, that they wear the tapes out very quickly...I'm so sad thinking of this. But it is such a beautiful program. Go visit the people in the nursing homes. Adopt an elderly person. Just show up for a random visit, introduce yourself, and bring a little light to that dreary place. If you don't get out much, write. Write letters to old friends, write letters thanking people. Write letters of encouragement. Letters of forgiveness. Whatever Jesus inspires you to do. The key is to DO. Jesus says that we are to be doers of the word. So Do! It will bless your life. Please follow my blog so you can stay tuned and see this very interesting journey. The 40 days of Giving is going to an amazing journey of bringing a little light into a very dark world. This is going to be fun!

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