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Monday, April 11, 2011

a few more quick thoughts on the supernatural...

Why are we, as human beings, so quick to recognize that there are forces in the world. We look to the "powers" of astrology. We believe in the "power" of psychics. We believe in ghosts. So many of us can acknowledge that there are unexplainable forces, but fail to see what we are really looking at. To me, it all seems so simple. There are two powers. The power of darkness, Satan. That power is rooted in lies. It seems pleasing and pleasant but will end in despair. The Power of Light. That Light just happens to have a name. His name is Jesus. It is so simple. That light is Love. I used to think that Jesus and being a Christian was complicated. Now I can see the beauty of its simplicity. To love. Love shows itself in service, in sacrifice, in obedience, in humility, in giving. It is wonderfully fulfilling and simple. I'm going on a limb here....I'm going to quote my favorite female vocalist, KD Lang, "Love will not allude you. Love is simple." And it is.

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