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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Light in more dark places

Another thing that makes me sad. The news is riddled with stories of elderly abuse in nursing homes. I remember during Hurricane Katrina, there was a story that came out about how the massive flooding killed all of the residents of an entire nursing home. The owners, caretakers, all ran for safety, but left the infirm there to die.

I've visited the nursing home before and it's not a pretty place. There is an air of lonliess. I know that some of the resident's have regular visitors, but there is a vast number with no one. I'm so sad thinking of it. How many of these elderly people have seen thier spouses die? How many have experienced the death of thier own children? Why don't more people care about them? Why don't more people go to bring them a little Light? Some hope? The love and message of Jesus. Wouldn't it be fulfilling to know that you led an elderly person to Jesus? To know that the few days they have left could be spent with the hope of an Everlasting Eternity.

I remember the first time I went into the nursing home. I haven't been much but will go back. I remember being afraid. I knew that I would be depressed if I went. But I brought flowers with me and I brought smiles to the faces of some of the residents. It wasn't hard. It left me with a good feeling. Not one of a bitter depression. The depressing fact is that not many people want to do this kind of work. It is sad. Lonely, forgotten people are sad. But there is a Light. There is a Hope. There is a man and His Name is Jesus. He wants these people to thrive. To have joy. To have a visitor. It's up to us, as Christians, to be the ones to bring it to them. Please pray for me and my church and all those that visit the elderly. May others be led and inspired to go also. I would like to begin to get elderly people Bibles on cd. If anyone has any old, used cd players they would like to donate, message me. or leave a comment. Thanks :)

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