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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More order, Miraculous Order

Latley, I've pondered the myriad ways God reveals Himself...

Never put God in a box. He is too big. He is surpising. I want to outline a series of events. These events reveal, to me, that God speaks to us in so many ways. He often confirms what He is telling us, not through coincidence, but through a very ordered plan.

Several months ago I was standing in front of my mirror. I looked into the mirror and I could see that all of the events of my life, my Advertising degree, my music endeavors, my dark and brutal past of failed relationships and loss,...

Every experience that I ever had....I saw, at that moment, how everything how culminated to this one particular point in time. I saw how every experience was lined up so that I could be used for God's purpose in the greatest possible way. Even all of the hurts would be used for his gain.

I knew that my time hadn't been wasted. I knew that everything, every dark hand I'd ever been dealt, had prepared me to share His Love. I saw how even my Advertising degree, which I thought was a wasted endeavor, could be used to further his Kingdom.

He has given me so many new and innovative ideas to witness to others. Ideas that could only have been strengthened by my degree.

This is my time...the time when I will be used....the time when my life was at its most ripe, this was my thought

A few weeks later I was sitting in a church service. I had revealed my thoughts to no one. My pastor reveals this amazing revelation that he had a Pastor's conference.

He said that he was speaking to an extremely talented musican at the conference. This man spent years training and studying music, but had only recently given his gift to the Lord.

My pastor said that the man expressed regret that he had wasted so much time, not giving his gift to Jesus. My pastor claimed that at that moment, he had this vision of these rings.

He saw what looked like a target. Each ring represented a year. He said that he had this vision of this man running across the spanse of time to come to the perfect place, Now, where he could be used in the best possible way for God's plan and purpose.

He said that he knew that the man's past wasn't wasted because he knew that he was being prepared for his time. Now. The time when all of his talents, abilites, and experiences, would be most effective.

This sermon confirmed my belief that my time, the time that God will use me and all of my past experiences for His Glory, is now. Nothing was truly wasted. It was ordered. There was a plan.

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