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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a New and Beautiful vison for my life....La Musica

I love music. I have always found a voice in writing songs. Most of the songs of my past are songs of woe. heartache. words that give evidence to things lost. Latley, I've gained. I've gained so much through my new life in Jesus. I've gained perspective of the things that really matter. I've gained a deeper love and truer appreciation of those around me. OF strangers even. To me nothing is more valuable than the love I have gained. Than the hope I have found through Him. But something else he has given me is a new song.

Here't is an interesting story. In October of last year a couple came to our church. I had never met this couple. They knew nothing about me. They did'nt know that I was a songwriter. They didn't know I had this overwhelming passion for music. During the course of the church service, about 10 people went to the alter for prayer. I listened to what Jesus was saying to each person. To what truths He would speak into thier lives. To what mysteries He would reveal. Let me clarify. I believe that the Holy Spirit is a true force. I believe that Jesus can speak to us through those that serve Him with thier whole heart.

There is a "KNOWING" that I have seen and experienced that precedes the natural realm of this life. When the woman prayed for me, she said these words. "Jesus, put a new song in her heart." She didn' t know that I was a songwriter. She had no clue that those words would ring in me like a beautiful chime. She didn't speak about a song to anyone else. She spoke it to me because Jesus knew what I needed to hear. Jesus wanted me to know that He had songs waiting for me that would make any other song I had written pale in comparison. Lately He has given me many songs. They are pouring out of me. I can't keep up with writing them. The melodies are deeper and richer than they have ever been. THe words. The meaning have purpose. The words are a the story of my life in Christ, as it unfolds into this beautiful thing. They are songs of hope. Songs of praise. Songs about the beauty I see all around.

I had to give up a few things to get them, however. Nothing is free. One night I was lying in bed and I felt as if Jesus was asking me to give up many things. Some material possesions. I don't own much. I am currently repaying a hefty student loan debt so I'm opting out of aquiring more debt by choosing not to own what I can't pay for in cash. Debt is a dark cloud that I don't want to be under. anyway, Jesus said that if If I would sell my cds and give my money to the poor, then He would give me songs. At first, there was a knot in my stomach. I had just bought a pretty diverse new collection of music. I didn't want to sell them. But He showed me that lives can be touched by obedience. Lives can be touch by service and dedication. Everytime we give, a life is touched. So I gave Him what He asked, I relinquished my beloved collection. But I don't miss my precious cds.

My life is fuller knowing that His will is being done. My life is fuller in so many ways. I am reaching out to people in greater ways. Stepping out into the unknown. I have a "new song" in my heart so to speak. a song of appreciation, gratiftue, a song of wonder and awe. and it all originates with my Maker. Soon, I am going to the studio. Recording time. To begin put these songs in a form where others can hear them. So that others can share in the love that I am experiencing. Jesus showed me how music will help me to reach others with His Message. My dream and hope for my life was that one day I could travel around the country sharing the love of Jesus, both with my songs and the many things that He is teaching me.

Today I was getting my coffee at a local coffee beanery and Jesus spoke to me very clearly. He said, Rachelle, you could go all over the world with your songs. I immediately began to cry. I realized that I was limiting myself. I never thought it would be possible for me or my family to travel around the world. But Jesus spoke to me very plainly. Rachelle, you can take my message. These songs that I have given you, and share them with the world. So I will patiently wait and one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, opportunities will begin to present themselves. Door wills fly open. And I will Go. Just Go.

Say some prayers that lives will be touched. That truths will be discovered. That the musicans that I will work with, will be touched in amazing ways. I made a special promise to Jesus. That people that cannot afford my cds can have a copy for free. That I will accept donations as people see fit to give, but half of the money from donations will go to serving and helping those around me. The other half will more than likely go towards making more music, maybe with bills, who knows? but it will all go to Good. To God.

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