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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some interesting musings....

Jesus has given me some very real dreams lately. In each of these dreams, there is this very real light. It is beautiful. There is an unexplainable peace and joy that accompanies these dreams. That is synomous with this Light. It is the most undescribeable feeling that would equate to less of a dream and more of an experience. I am so blessed to have had these dreams!

I have heard Heaven as being described as having colors that we never even knew existed. Brilliant colors that no human eye has ever seen on this earth. I can only imagine why.

The source of Light is different in Heaven. On Earth, the light of the sun and artificial light give us the colors that we know. But in Heaven, the source of Light is something altogether different. It is the Light of Life. The Light of Love. It is a warm, glowing, and all-encompassing light of Peace. It is no wonder that the colors would be different. The spectrum is complete through the light of God's Love. The colors are perfect.

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  1. I like the format of this post. It's shorter, you broke it into paragraphs, and you included a picture (very important). this is a good model. We need to look at the overal formatting of your page though, it's getting everything stuck into a very narrow width. The right-hand colum is just as wide as the center column, which has the lion-share of your content, and you need to adjust the widths of those.