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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I was watching the television program "Hoarders" last night. (I hardly watch t.v, but sometimes something catches my eye. )I couldn't help but feel very sad for these people. They collect and collect "things" until there is barely any room in thier house to move. I think I can understand the mentality behind this behavior. There must be a sense of security that comes to some people through "possessions." But I look at the lives of the family members and I can see that there is no peace. The lives of these "hoarders" is in disarray. The house is a reflection of thier lives, it seems. Chaos.

I know personally that when I was walking in darkness, there would be times when I would notice that things around me would fall into chaos. There was a deep depression that kept me from noticing things that needed to be done. Even simple household chores would be a major task because my mind wasn't free. Depression is a prison of the mind, so to speak. Then one day it would dawn on me, the house is a mess. Clean it up. So I did.

But I know that depression can keep people living in what seems to be a fog. Every now and then there is a clearing, a spot where one can see through. It is during this "clarity" or "clearing" that we get a perspective. We often find that we have lost time. Where did the time go? The answer is simple, the time was lost in a fog of darkness and depression.

I often wonder if the "hoarders" are facing very extreme bouts of depression. Are they walking through a fog, failing to see the beauty of those around them? Failing to see the needs of others? I know that for years I walked in the midst of that fog. But it wasn't until I truly discovered Jesus that I began to reach that true clarity. Now, I no longer struggle with major depression. I know that there are forces out there that act in ways that we can't see and many often don't understand. There is a force of darkness that aims to destroy lives. The Bible talks about these forces. I have seen it in my own life and I can see it in the lives of others. But Jesus and His Word are our tools against it. They provide the Light to shine through, The Light of God's Word has the power to dispel the fog and help us to see more clearly. Now, this may seem strange but even the colors around me seem brighter than they did before. There is a Beauty in my life I have that was missing. There is an innocence.

I still face depression on occassion, but I find that if I rely on Him, He will walk me through it. He gives the life raft I need to find my way to dry land.

If you are strugging with depression and often look to things for happiness or security, know that there is hope. Feel free to Say this prayer with me. If you do not know Him, ask Him into your heart and for forgiveness.

Dear Lord, Please help me to see the beauty of things around me. Please help me to recognize that I am here to serve you and not to be served. Please allow me to see things as You would have me to see them. In innocence. Clarity. And in the Beauty of your Perfect plan. Help me to recognize the needs of others before the needs of my own. Help me to overcome this crippling sense of depression by looking to your word. By seeking You wholeheartedly. Dear Lord, Provide a clear path for me, free from the Enemy as I get to know you. I rebuke every Spirit of Darkness that would attempt to come against me and destroy my life. I choose to Trust in You, O' Lord. For you are the Light that makes all things possible. You are the Light that will dispel all of this darkness. Show me your love and allow me to show that love to others. Amen.

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