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Thursday, April 21, 2011

a wee bit nervous.....

ahhh! my very first blog follower! yay! I'm excited, but a wee bit nervous.

When we tell our story, we open ourselves up for scrutiny.

It makes me very nervous to know that I represent Jesus. That people are looking at my life.

They are holding me to a very high standard because I know and represent the One they call Jesus.

But stay tuned to this channel, Because my faith is great. I am believing for great and miraculous things.

I am believing that one day people can come to my blog and see Jesus. See Jesus, not only in me, but the stories I tell. My own story is slowly unfolding.

I am hoping to collect stories that would help people from so many differnent walks of life.
To the woman who is considering abortion. I want a story for her. So that she can see how precious the life of her child is.

I want a story for the bullied child. The overcomer. I want people to know how unique and special they are.

I want someone considering suicide, to come across this site and say, "o, there is Hope. There is a Man. His name is Jesus." I want him to say, "OK, I'll tough it out. This life Is worth it."

I am prepared to buy up business cards in let people know that there is a story for them. For many will not reach for a Bible.

I've heard the phrase, our lives may the be only Bible people ever read. And I believe that it is true. That if we live our lives as a compass, pointing to our Maker, then others can see something in us....and follow that same path.

I pray that my life, my story, can reflect a Great Love. That Great Love is Jesus.

For He was there in the midst of my darkness. And He led me into this Beautiful Vision.

Vision that comes through faith. Stay tuned. I will have some songs that I will sing, write, and record soon.

I'm encouraged. Thank you :)

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