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Friday, April 22, 2011

I am killing a Wabbit...Spoiler Alert...not for children

This blog is meant to form a healthy debate....It is based on a personal conviction....I pray that it is taken in a spirit of Love.....

If we don't challenge one another, will we grow? That is what I want, to grow.

I'm tired of doing what everyone else is doing Everyone else's life is wrought with complication.

I am ready to do something different. To challenge. I am ready to grow......So here are my ideas:

First, why do we lie? Lying is something that I gave up. I see how it affects lives. I see the chaos
it creates.

I got into a healthy debate the other day with someone....I asked a simple question to see where it would lead....

Why do we lie to our children about the Easter Bunny? About Santa Claus?
I've done it without thinking. Everyone else is doing it. It is tradition. It is what people do.

But I remember when I was a child...on that fateful, bitter day when my little bubble burst and I found out that The Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, santa wasn't real....

I truly began to question. I thought, "well maybe Jesus isn't real." We can't see him. How do we know He is real? I looked across the years and I saw this huge set up...this stage, so to speak...
of how my parents would go to great lengths to give these mythical characters some degree of credibility...

Concocting stories of a man coming down a chimney...
A rabbit creeping through the yard in the middle of the night
An invisible being planting money under a pillow...
Elaborate stories. Then I wondered if Jesus was an elaborate story. I was a child. I didn't know Him yet. I had only heard about Him.

Santa sees all....He Knows when we are sleeping.. He Knows when we are awake...Santa, to me, had the same qualities as Jesus...

I am walking on eggshells.
I just want people to think. When we tell our children that a Bunny comes in the night to deliver eggs are we lying?
I asked someone the other day. I genuinly wanted thier opinion. I don't judge. I've hopped down the bunny trail since my son was born. But I began to think, Am I lying to my children? I know that I don't want them to have ANY reason at all to question the existence of the Most Amazing Man that Ever Lived. Jesus.
I don't want them to doubt Him for even a millisecond. Because He is Real.
So this Easter I am killing the Wabbit and cooking him in a stew.

I've debated this....on very friendly healthy terms with people over the past few days. I find that most people don't agree with me. That's fine. My purpose, is simply to get people to think.
Especially about lies in general. Because I have seen how lies kill and lies destroy. Lies get people to stop trusting.

Most people say that these mythical creatures are just a fantasy...that they are perpetuating fantasy and not lies...Is a fantasy the same thing as a lie? Tell me your opinions. Share your thoughts.

Here's a thought I had for whatver it's worth...Lord of the Rings is fantasy..Harry Potter is fantasy. If we hold up these books and say to our kids, Hey, these books are real. Then tell them one day, "O' was a fantasy." Then is that lying? Just some interesting food for thought

I am planning to hunt eggs with my boys...but I am killing the Wabbit. I'll tell them that I hid the eggs. I want Easter to go back to its Roots. To celebrating Jesus. Less focus on the furry friends.

Just a personal thing, Each of us has personal convictions. ....Hope no one takes this the wrong way....IT is merely intended to get people to think....

Maybe I am setting myself up for ridicule by this idea...but that's ok..I've been through worse. If I could cause one person...just one person just to stop and think about the God and question the important things..then it's all worth it..
Love you all :)


  1. Rachelle, This is something I have thought about since God and I have gotten on personal terms. I want more than anything for Kairi to know the truth about God and so why am I lying to her about these fantasy personas that have nothing to do with Christ. I mean she knows the truth about Easter and Christmas but I still go along with the lies.. I don't want to lie to her. I don't want her to ever think that she can't trust me. I'm going to tell her. I have to. I owe it to her. If I am going to be a Godly mother how God calls me to be I can't lie to her. Kudos to you. I support you. We have to teach our children the TRUTH!!! Jesus is our foundation and salvation. He is the way the truth and the life!! He was born into this world as our Savior and give his sinless life for us so that we can have atonement for our sins. Jesus did this because of His everlasting amazing LOVE!! And I want Kairi to have a heart for Jesus.
    Thank you for your boldness.

  2. Hey Johanna! love you girl..we still need to do lunch...I'm glad this touched you. I know that not everyone will agree and that's ok...but I've seen how lies have affected my own life in such a way that I don't even want to associate what may or may be a lie. Lies kill. Destroy.
    God Bless you..saying some prayers for you and Kairi..