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Friday, April 29, 2011

If Only.....

Occassionally, I like to read comments that people leave on news often scores of people criticize the Bible.
I know that it is because many people don't understand what's inside. The treasures that await.

There was once a time when I read the Bible and all I saw were words written across a page. The words to me, at the time, didn't mean much. I didn't understand.

It wasn't until I truly committed myself to following this wonderful instruction manual that things truly began to make sense. Now as I read the Bible, it comes together in an amazing way. It holds mysteries still, but the more I commit to following it, the more I see it as a reflection of my life.

I want people, non believers especially, to consider something......First of all, I love you!

Think about if everyone followed the Bible. There would be no lies. No deceptions. There would be worrying about who your spouse is or isn't talking to behind your back...there would be no adultery. You wouldn't have to lock your doors . There would be no stealing. No car alarms. No need for home security systems.

There would be no divorces becasue we would love each other as we were called to love.
We would embrace one another in love. We would give...but others would give back to us.

The world would be beautiful if people learned to follow the Bible. No crime. No murder.

No people in prisons. No victims of crime. No drug abuse because people would know that thier body is a temple. No eating disorders because everyone would know that they are beautiful..because everyone would know that they are loved.

IF only everyone followed the many problems would disapper.

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