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Saturday, April 16, 2011

God's handprints

In my previous post, I spoke of how God leaves his handprints all around us. I remember when I was a child. My family and I were driving on a long road trip to visit family in Mississippi. Have you ever seen the famous image of the two hands clasped in prayer? My great grandmother used to have a small relic that depicted this beautiful image. When we were on our trip, I began to sing the song, "He's got the whole world in His hands." I remember I looked up at the clouds and this perfect image appeared before me. A perfect image of two hands clasped together praying.

I remember it was very miraculous to me. It was God leaving His handprint for me. To give me something to remember Him even when I drifted away from Him. Before me, as I was singing the song about His Hands, I looked up at the clouds and I remember they were shaped in a perfect set of two hands praying. Exactly like the image I saw at my grandmothers. I don't know how my parent's remember it. From my angle, from where I was, God allowed his clouds to give me a reminder of His Beauty.

Enjoy the cool cloud images. I wish I had a camera when I was a child. I would have loved to have photographed that cloud. But the image is seared in my mind. To me, it is perfect.

To be a child again. I know that many of us wish we could revert to the days when times seemed simpler and a little more carefree. To a time of innocence. When the world seemed big and full of possibilities. I used to have that wish. But recently, in my Christian walk, I have experienced being a child all over again. There is this innocence now, where there once was guilt. There is a Beauty and hope where there once was a feeling of hopelessness. It came through trusting in Jesus. Letting Him guide me to where He wanted me to be. I had to let go of things. Anger. Hurt. Sin. He led me into places of forgiveness and sacrifice. It is through that, that I began to feel his "peace that surpassess all understanding." It is a beautiful thing.

May we all learn to live as children again. In complete faith, complete trust, and a complete love.

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