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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Universe -God's Painting

I occasionally like to marvel over the pictures from the Hubble Telescope. Our universe is beautiful. So vast. Everytime I look at the night sky, I see the wonder of God. His Creation perfectly positioned, perfectly created. I am amazed at the depth and complexity of even the simplest thing. Even the hair on our head, when analyzed, reveals layers and complexity. To me, science attempts to explain the things of God. I think when we get to Heaven, we will find that many scientific explanations will fall short of even beginning to explain the wonders of this earth and this universe. I am amazed at the vast number of galaxies, planets, worlds beyond what we can see. Sometimes I wonder if God created other beings in faraway places. Of course, I have no idea. But it is amazing to think that maybe God has heavens for different beings in different galaxies. Maybe so. Maybe not. I know that if we knew for sure about other people on other planets, perhaps we would spend all of our time consumed with curiosity about thier life instead of recognizing the need we have here on Earth. Just a thought. Not anything too deep,,,just a few musings.

I think it is beautiful how God leaves his handprint on His Creation. There is a galaxy light years away that shows a perfect image of a Cross. To me, this is God's stamp. Some would speculate that it is coincidence. But I know Jesus. I know that He is real. A very real and powerful force. I know that this is God's mark. Maybe He put it there to give space explorers, scientists, a jolt. One day they were looking at the images from the Hubble Telescope and then suddenly in all the beauty and wonder, there appears an image of the Cross. I wonder if it made them think. Made them realize what is truly important. Caused them question the meaning and the purpose of this life. All they have to do is look at the image they found, the Cross, to learn the answers. I know I have found my answers. Look at the first image, that is a pic taken by the Hubble Telescope of outer space. Very amazing. A perfect cross in the center.

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