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Friday, April 22, 2011

Patti's Story

Last night I read a beautiful testimony about a woman who overcame a very dark past.
She dealt with rape as a child and had very deep wells of anger in her heart for years.
She felt unloved. Unworthy.
I was reading her beautiful testimony about how Jesus brought her into a new and beautiful place of innocence.
Innocence. I was reading her story and I saw how it related to my own in so many ways.
I never endured what she endured. I have never faced rape, but I could relate to the feeling of innocence that came over me when I came to know Jesus.

Jesus gives us innocence again. He takes the stain of our lives and makes us clean. I was reading her testimony and I could see such a wonderful joy. An exuberation. It was wonderful because I am also experiencing that same joy as I get to know Him better.

How He can take broken people..put them on His Potter's Wheel...and make them into something that He can use.

I am going to post a link to her story......

I like how in her story...and even in so many people that are learning of Him...this beautiful character emerges. God has a personality. And it is Beautiful.

In one part of her story she talks about how she felt God kiss her on the cheek one night before she went to bed. I like how He reveals Himself to people in different ways. One thing I am learning. Never put God in a box. He is bigger than that. If we put Him in a box, He will stay in a box for us...Never emerging. Never allowing us to His face....It's when we allow Him to work in our lives...when we learn to surrender...when we learn to give up..that He begins to show us his personality.....and reveal Himself in Great and Unexpected ways....

The blog is broken up in several sections...It reads like a story..Start at the beginning

God Bless

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