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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Revelation of the Day...

Revelations of the Day

Yesterday I was at Wal mart shopping with my sister…I had to pick up a few items…I began to stroll through the garden center.

Since, I gave my life back to Jesus…I have had a special appreciation for things that grow. For flowers. Plants.

I have truly begun to notice the beauties of God’s Creation…to appreciate those things that are full of life…to appreciate the things that have roots, so to speak….

So I bought a few different flower varieties…some for my parents…And Cade picked out one for our neighbors..

I began to think about how easily plants and flowers die. I began to think about how plants must be watered and nurtured. How they must be tended to very carefully….very tenderly if they are to live..

I began to see our lives as plants. How easily we can fail. I know that my past life as a Christian was marked by failure. I would find myself continually feeling as though I were failing. I would continually struggle with anger and bitterness over various incidents in my life. I would continually struggle with depression, worry, and fear.

I would worry continually about my children. My finances. My situation. I worried about virtually everything.

But as I learned to Trust…things began to come together in an amazing way. I found it was extremely difficult to do many of the things that Jesus was asking..but I trusted. And now things seem to be bathed in simplicity…

But I can see how unless I let him Clothe me in the Light of His love…and water me with the Truth of His Word…I will die…like a plant…my roots will wither and I will die.

I will cease to grow. So I am finding that being a Christian is work…It’s the narrow path. But I can see things so brilliantly. The worry. The fear. It’s gone. Now just a perfect picture of simplicity.

BUT i know that the enemy was fighting me today. I began to feel the hand of darkness around me. I felt a mild depression coming over me. I know the reason for the battle. I can see myself standing on a ledge. Jesus is waiting for me beneath this ledge. Many people never make it out of the window. Many people are holed up...hiding from the true call of Jesus. But today I saw myself at the ledge...ready and waiting to jump...because I know that when Jesus catches me..when I land in His arms...that things will never be the same..My destiny will be fulfilled. I will walk in the fullness that He has called me to...and He will use me to change lives....Me. The one who was once insecure. The one who was always picked last. The one who always sat on the sidelines..Me...

The one with the face full of dirt..and the mouth full of I was pondering this jumping off the ledge...and I walked over to my I walked over to my neighbors house. I love their yard! It is like a tropical oasis. There are flowers and plants blooming everywhere. Little Bear, my youngest, began to splash his feet in their pool. I watched him laughing…splashing so innocently in the water. He was so happy!

I thought to myself..this must be what Heaven is like. That perfect innocence. Surrounded by Beauty. I could smell gardenias. They smelled so wonderful. Everything seemed so perfect. I thought this has to be what heaven is like.

Because I am seeing a plan unfolding. A very Brilliant Plan…and at it’s very core is Love. This plan is rooted in Love. He died over two thousand years ago. His name is Jesus. He is my plan. And I will let Him water me. I will let him clothe me in the Light of His Love. I will let Him nurture me and care for me. Because for the first time in my life, I feel like I am deserving of that Love.

No earthly man has ever given it to me. No earthly man has even come close.

Only my Jesus. I love Him…..In, Him, I will Grow.. i think i am going to jump. yes, i will jump.

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