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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Story of the Two Pennies

I heard a miraculous story the other day...I know that some people would say that these stories are coincidence...But I am learning that God has so many ways of revealing Himself in beautiful and unexpected ways.

I was at a funeral. My dear friend, Diane, had lost her mother, Mrs. Hollie Brumit. ( See my blog about a very thought provoking and inspiring funeral)

Before proceeding, I want to extend my hand of sympathy to this family. A grandmother. A mother. A friend was lost. I know the pain of loss and I truly sympathize with you.

The story:

At the funeral Diane's daughter, Heather told a story that brought tears to my eyes. It was very moving.

Heather had lost her grandfather only a few years earlier. Heather spoke about how she had always heard that when you find a heads up penny, that is your relatives way of saying hello from Heaven.

She spoke of how after her grandfather died, she would find heads up pennies seemingly everywhere. All over the house. In strange and unexpected places. She even joked that perhaps someone was placing heads up pennies in various places so that she could find them.
They were everywhere!

The day after Heather's grandmother died, Heather was speaking of how she was sitting with her brother.

She mentioned how her brother had a very tiny crack in the screen of his cell phone.

She said that her brother got an alert for a text message. When he picked up the phone to answer it, there appeared in the screen of his phone, two heads up pennies.

One for her grandmother and one for her grandfather.

At Mrs. Brumits funeral, I learned that she was a true woman of God. I didn't know her well but was inspired by her faith. Her funeral reflected something beautiful. It was set up to be a celebration because she knew that her hope wasn't in this life, but in the next. She died with confidence because she Knew a Man...Jesus.

I was very moved when I heard Heather's story, because I could see how much Jesus loved them through that story. I could see how He wanted to bring them some light in thier time of loss and sadness. He wanted to remind them that everything is ok. He let them know, in his surprising and unexpected way, that thier grandparents are walking with God.

He wants them to know that He wants to keep us, as families, all together. He wants us to walk with Him one day. He wants us to commune with one another in this very real place He has for us.."a place with many rooms. "

I know that God doesn't speak to everyone in this way....It is only recently that He has begun to speak me in exciting and interesting ways. It is because I have committed to following Him. When we follow Him, so many questions will be answered. So much hope. So much joy.

Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. "

God Bless you, Greenlees

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