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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Night's Dream

I'm always a little skeptical when sharing dreams. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has given me dreams. Beyond question. Last night I had a dream and the reason I would like to share it is because it left me with a very powerful impression.

I had a dream that my sister called me and invited me to dinner. In the dream, she spent hours and hours preparing a special meal for me. She waited and waited for me to arrive. In the dream, I was so focused on my work that I completely forgot about her and the meal she had prepared.

This dream spoke to me in a few different ways. Our work, As Christians, is important.

But we should never forget about our families.

We should never forget the hard and difficult work they do. They provide us with many things.

Even in our daily life.
Our jobs.

Our jobs are important because they provide us with a means of providing for our family. But are we forgetting about the very ones we are supposed to be providing for? The dream revealed that we should always keep our perspectives. Remembering the things that are truly important.

1. God
2. Family
3. Others
4. Self

My second dream....

I had a dream that I was riding in a bus. There were two bus drivers and several passengers. Every day the drivers would go out of thier way to do special favors for the passengers. The passengers would often ask the drivers to make special stops at thier homes. Unscheduled stops. The drivers did this every day without complaint.
One day the driver forgot something at his home. He needed to make an unscheduled stop to get something very important.
Suddenly, the passengers become irate. They begin yelling and complaining, not remember all of the sacrifices that the driver had made for them all those years.

How often do we expect others to serve us? In the dream, the passengers felt like the driver owed them something...they felt as if it were his job and sole responsibility to please them.

I often think of people in restaurants. I worked as a waitress for years while attending school.
How often do we treat people in restaurants, and convenient stores....and other places of as if they aren't important.
These people, although it is thier job to please customers, should still be treated with the utmost respect and consideration.

I reflect back to my days as a waitress....I remember Sundays ....restaurants would fill up with church goers. Many Christians were genuine and kind. They had an attidute of being grateful for even the smallest things. It was my job to serve them, but I could always spot a person of Christ by thier attitude. Their thankfulness. Thier patience. Thier kind words.

I remember how many of my coworkers would often complain about the attitudes of many of the church-goers that would come in and fill up the restaurants...dressed in thier Sunday best...
Many of my coworkers didn't know Him. They looked to the Christians to set an example..But often were left short changed and disappointed. They couldn't see a reflection of Christ's love...only bitter complaints, impatience...and an altogether negative attitude..

What image are we projecting when we call ourselves Christian? One of love and humility, always putting the needs of others before the needs of our own? Or do feel like entilted kings and queens ready to be served?

It is our job, as Christians, to serve others. Are we?

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