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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 1 Adventure on my Random Act of Kindness Spree

Today , Mr Bearbosa, my 19 month old angel, and I ventured off to walmart to begin our first day of random acts of kindness. I didn't plan on starting this excursion today. Today is a work day. But Jesus presented me with an opportunity so I took it. I passed by the fresh flower aisle and these beautiful roses called to me, "Rachelle, we will make someone's day a little brighter." So i answered the call of the roses. I bought a dozen of the freshest red roses I could find. Then I bought a pack of pink sticky notess and some colored markers. I got the idea for the sticky notes from a blog I had read earlier in the week. I wrote the words, " Jesus Loves You! You are more valuable than you know or realize," on 12 stickies. Then I put the roses and notes on random cars throughout the parking lot. Nice cars. Old cars. Average cars. I did not discriminate against cars. One man was walking back to his car as I was putting a rose on a nearby car. He asked me what I was doing, I handed him a rose and said that Jesus asked me to do something nice today. He was very happy to recieve his rose and his note. I saw another man sitting in his car in the distance. So I walked up to him and handed him a rose. I could tell he was a little perplexed. Surprised would be more like it. I could tell that no one had done anything nice for him or made him feel special in quite a while. His eyes looked sad almost, but he thanked me for his rose. As I was driving back to the house, this surreal sense of joy came over me. I thought to myself. I had this beautiful vision..that one day there will be thousands and thousands of people cheering when I get to heaven. They will say..there's that lady that was kind to us when no one else took the time. It's through her kindness that we came to know Jesus. It's acts of love like this that show the love of Jesus. I guess my prayer is that through every act of love and consideration, they can see the Beauty of my Heavenly Father. What will you today to make someone around you feel special? I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. I'm not one of these boastful givers...I cringe to even think of me bragging on myself. I just want to set an example of how easy and fulfilling it is to bring a little light into someone's world.

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