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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A very distinct voice....

One night I woke up from a night a dreams. Occassionally, Jesus will give me a dream.
The dreams that He gives are very real. Very brilliant. When He sends one, it is undeniable. I usually receive them when I fast.

I woke up in the night and He told me to write. I closed my eyes and said, Jesus, "It is dark outside. If I turn on the light, I will wake up my baby boy." Then He said, "Write."

I said, "But Jesus, it is dark outside. If I turn on the light, it will wake up my baby boy."

Finally, He said it again. I gave him the same response. For, I was worried about waking up my baby boy.

He then said, "I have given you light, now write." At first I was confused. I knew that the room was pitch black only moments before. I thought maybe He was speaking of a metaphorical light. A Light Within.

But then,I opened my eyes and I could see the very first sliver of dawn seeping into my window.
He gave me light. The light of the sun so that I could write.

How amazing! Jesus has a very distinct voice. He told me to write at the exact moment that the sun was presenting itself.

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