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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crazy things that Jesus made me Do...

Well, first of all Jesus can never make us do anything. But I am learning His love by in the things that He asks me to do. I'm NOT a very outgoing person. I keep to myself in a lot of ways. Tend to avoid strangers. I"ve never been a communicator. I've always used songs to speak. I guess fear of rejection. But a while back ago, I asked Jesus to firmly plant seeds of Love so deep inside me that my Love for others cannot be contained. Sometimes, we must show love out of faith. Simple acts of kindness. Other times, I am finding Jesus will show us someone.... Here is the Jesus I Know... One day I was driving through a parking lot at a local business. I saw a man sitting alone. It was obvious to me that he worked there. He was sitting in small area reseverd for smoke breaks outside. I was driving by him and Jesus said, "stop and give this man something." I said, "Huh? "I don't know this man, Jesus", I replied. He told me to trust Him. So I stopped. As I pulled next to the man, Jesus told me to hand this man some money. . The Holy Spirit came over me and I began to cry. I told this man that Jesus loved him very much. I told him that "It's all Real." Jesus wanted me to say this to him. "It's all Real." "Jesus is real"

I told him that Jesus asked me to give him something. I handed him the money. The man began to cry. He was a big guy. covered in tatoos. As I was driving away, Jesus showed me that no one had ever given this man anything. He always had to work very hard for what he had. No one just gave him anything for nothing. It was beautiful. I am so glad that I listened to Jesus that day. I am believing that one day I will meet this stranger in Heaven.

On another day, Jesus asked me go to a woman I know and pray with her. I had never spoke to this woman about Jesus. I didn't know what her beliefs were. But I listened. I went and the Holy Spirit was with me. I simply told this woman that Jesus loved her and shared what He was doing in my life. I shared my dream of Heaven. One night Jesus gave me a dream. He was showing me this beautiful light. It was about the size of a bowling ball. It was glowing white and gold. In the prescence of this beautiful and captivating Light, I felt more peace and more joy than I had ever known. It was the most surreal and beautiful thing that I have ever felt in my entire life. When I woke up the next morning, I asked Jesus what it meant. He told me that, as Christians, each of us carries that Light within us and it is our duty to share it with others. He reminded me of the immense peace and joy I felt in the presence of such a small light. He then told me to mulipty that times millions, and that is the feeling of heaven.

So I shared this with this woman.. She began to pour out her heart to me. She spoke of her lonliness and how she had been angry at God. But she told me that because of our prayer, she had hope again. Even as we were praying, I felt a darkness leave her home. Thank you Jesus. I am so glad I listened.

One time, many years ago. I was in a Burger King in Baton Rouge, LA. Jesus asked me to buy lunch for a man. The man appeared to be disheveled, poor, and broken. Jesus let me feel this immense love for this man. I offered to buy his food. He looked at me, at first like he was offended. I guess he thought I felt sorry for him. Oh, contraire my friend. He refused my offer and as I was leaving he asked me why I wanted to buy his food. I told him that Jesus asked me to do it. His eyes widened like He had heard the name before but never knew who He was. I pray that one act of kindness will stay with this man his entire life. That when all is said and done, this man will remember that Jesus wanted to buy him lunch. And I pray that one day I will walk along some beautiful river with this man and talk about that day.

One night Jesus woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to pray for someone. He even gave me a name. I know that this will sound extemely strange to people. It sounded strange to me. But the person I prayed for that night is called, Tink. I don't know if it's a nickname or an actual name. But I know that I heard right. Jesus was there with me when I prayed that night. Truthfully , I didn't want to get out of bed..but I'm glad I did. Tink needed that prayer. These are a few examples of the Jesus I know. He is giving. He is Love. He is sacrifice. He is Beauty. He's given me many ideas of how to serve Him. Very beautiful ideas and ways that souls can be reached through simple acts of kindness and love. Planting seeds of kindess and love. That will be my legacy. That is my dream. For lives to heal. For people to see the Truth of His glorious and Everlasting love. That my life can be an inspiration to others. Not because of any goodness in me. But because of His reflection.

Another day I was at a gas station that also had a slot machine. I saw a woman sitting there. Jesus wanted me to write her a note and hand it to her. The note I gave her read, "you are worth so much more than you think, so much more than you will ever know." I have a plan and a purpose for your life." I then wrote that Jesus asked me to give this to her. I didn't wait to see her reaction. I walked out of the store to head to work. I just knew that she needed those words. I'm glad I listened Jesus. Please forgive me for the times I didn't.

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