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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Today, I want to thank Jesus for dying for me. I want to thank Him and remember His Death everyday. Not just today. To remember what He did for me every single day.
My mother in law is Catholic. Today my youngest and I went to church with her. We knelt at a cross and kissed it. It was a beautiful thing. Very symbolic.

Tonight at my church, we ate a Seder Meal to symbolize the Passover. I learned some very interesting things about the Passover. We prayed for Israel. It was a very beautiful thing. Very symbolic.

Please say some prayers for me over the next few days. My family and are getting some letters ready that I wrote for the kids at the Louisiana Methodist Home. Many of these children have no parents to look after them. Thier parents are in prison. Pray that the Love of Jesus will shine through these letters so that these kids will know that are loved. That the words and Blessing that are spoken into thier lives will stay with them...that one day, if they are at their worst..they will remember that Jesus loves them so much and there is hope.

I'm getting Baptised on Sunday. How symbolic to be baptized on Resurrection Day. I am believing that it will mark a new era of my life.

Soon, I will share more of my story. The gore. The ugly details. I feel like I should. But I won't throw anybody under the bus. I won't throw any stones. My heart was a place of darkness but now it is being bathed in love.

Please say some prayers for me. Love you :)

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